Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Gay Parenting Services Exhibit: 10:00-11:00 and 13:00-15:30
Gay Parenting Services Exhibit - more than a dozen tables where you can meet and receive information from leading American and European clinics, surrogacy and adoption agencies, sperm and egg banks, lawyers and other professionals who have been helping our community for many years.
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Surrogacy seminar: 11:00-13:00
A panel of medical, psychological, and legal experts will provide an overview of the entire surrogacy process for gay men, with an emphasis on relevant considerations to Europeans. An American surrogate and European parents will discuss their personal experiences.
Lastly, representatives of sponsoring surrogacy organizations will provide a brief description of the services they provide.
Panelist include:
Steven Snyder, Esq.
President / Founder, International Assisted Reproduction Center
Kim Bergman Ph.D.
Co-owner, Growing Generations LLC
•Michael Doyle, MD
Medical Director / Founder CT Fertility Associates
•John Weltman, Esq.
President / Founder, Circle Surrogacy Ltd.
Didier Disenhaus
A gay surrogacy father from Belgium
Melissa Rahe
The surrogate mother from Arizona that carried a baby for Didier and his husband
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Lunch: 13:00-14:00

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Sponsored presentations: 13:30-17:30
Four one hour sessions of presentations by leading European and American fertility clinics, egg donation, surrogacy and adoption agencies. Details in the "Sponsored Presentations" tab.

Monday, April 30, 2012

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Sponsored presentations: 11:30-12:30
Ethical Surrogacy Practices.
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Lunch: 13:00-14:00

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Sponsored presentations: 13:30-17:30
Four one hour sessions of presentations by leading European and American fertility clinics, egg donation, surrogacy and adoption agencies. Details in the "Sponsored Presentations" tab.
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Dr. Kim Bergman, Ph.D.

Dr. Bergman, a licensed psychologist of 22 years, has specialized in the area of third party assisted reproduction for the last two decades. With an extensive background in fertility and parenting, Dr. Bergman is an expert on parenting by choice, particularly within the LGBT community. She has provided services to hundreds of parents going through the assisted reproductive process.
Dr. Bergman co-owns both Fertility Counseling Services, providing psychological assessment, monitoring, and support for surrogates and donors, and Growing Generations, one of the largest surrogacy agencies in the world.
Dr. Bergman is a member of ASRM, American Fertility Association, American Psychological Association, Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association, and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. She is on the national board of the Family Equality Council. She writes, teaches, and speaks on parenting by choice internationally. Dr. Bergman has coauthored "Gay Men Who Become Fathers via Surrogacy: The Transition to Parenthood", (Journal of GLBT Family Studies, April 2010). Dr. Bergman lives with her wife of 28 years and two teenage daughters.
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Marcus W. Jurema, M.D.

Dr. Jurema received his medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA and completed his residency at The New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, NY, NY. In 2003, he completed a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD. He has published several research articles in leading academic journals.
After his fellowship, Dr. Jurema accepted an academic position at the Brown University Medical School as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility of The Women and Infants’ Hospital of Rhode Island. There he expanded his research and clinical interests and became the Director of the Fertility Preservation Program and Principal Investigator of a study investigating the efficacy and safety of oocyte (egg) freezing. He also co-directed the Donor Egg Program.
Dr. Jurema has been a keynote speaker at national conferences and has been invited to travel internationally to give lectures and participate on expert panels..
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Michael Doyle, M.D.

Dr. Doyle Doyle is the founder and medical director of CT Fertility Associates, which he started in 1991 after completing his advanced fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology at Yale University. Prior to that he received his undergraduate degree from Brown University; his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco; and his residency at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
Over 4,500 babies have been born to parents who have been successfully treated by Dr. Doyle, including over 500 for LGBT families who consistently praise him as a highly skilled expert who balances great technical expertise with a highly caring, hands-on and flexible approach.
Dr. Doyle has authored numerous articles, research papers and book chapters, he is a frequent speaker at medical meetings and conferences, and act as the resident expert on prominent community and professional portals including Fertility Authority, Family Equality Council, Proud Parenting, Surromoms Online, and the Center Families. In 2009 the outstanding results of hid Frozen Donor Egg Bank were featured to an international audience at the ESHRE conference in Amsterdam
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John Weltman, Esq.

John Weltman is the owner, founder and president of Circle Surrogacy. Ltd., as well as the Managing Partner of the Boston law firm, Weltman Law Group. John is recognized worldwide as an expert in the field of reproductive law, including surrogacy and gay parenting. He was the first to establish the right of couples to get insurance coverage for gestational surrogacy in MA. John has repeatedly obtained pre-birth orders and second parent adoptions for gay couples and singles who have pursued surrogacy throughout the country. John and his husband began their surrogacy journey in 1991 and had two boys through the same surrogate. They were among the first gay couples to have children through surrogacy and were only the second to have two children, each man fathering a biological son. John has been interviewed by and appeared in numerous publications, TV programs, and conferences throughout the US, Europe, Canada, and Israel. John studied at Yale, Oxford and the University of Virginia and holds a Masters Degree in History and a JD. He is licensed to practice law in MA, NY and CA.
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Gad Lavy, F.A.C.O.G.

Dr. Lavy established New England Fertility in 1990, as the first non –hospital based assisted reproductive program in the state of Connecticut. Dr. Lavy is board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Dr. Lavy received his medical degree from Hadassah Medical School followed by a research fellowship in biochemistry. Dr. Lavy completed his residency at Yale University School of Medicine and completed an advanced fellowship in the Division of Reproductive Medicine.Dr. Lavy is a member of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Society of Reproductive Endocrinologists, Society of Reproductive Surgeons, and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Dr. Lavy also works extensively with gay couples and is one of only a very few reproductive physicians who has experience with international surrogacy. Dr. Lavy was featured in the award-winning documentary “ Google Baby”. He is also on the speaker’s board for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Serono and Merck. Dr. Lavy leads a team of highly trained clinicians and scientists to provide comprehensive, compassionate and personal service.
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Sherrie Smith

Sherrie Smith talks with couples considering surrogacy and is responsible for guiding clients through the initial phases of participation in CSP’s program. Sherrie Smith is the Program Administrator for the Maryland office. She grew up in the Boston area and has a B.A. degree from Chatham College and a Masters degree from Boston University. Prior to joining CSP in 1999 as Program Administrator for the Center’s East Coast office, she was involved in the education field for more than 30 years. Positions include Senior Editor and Product Marketing Manager at Houghton Mifflin’s Educational Technology Division, Project Specialist in Educational Services at Digital Equipment Corporation, acting Director of Educational Services at the National Geographic Society, and Director of the Teacher Resource Service at PBS. She has also served as an educational technology marketing consultant. Sherrie’s sister has two children born through the Center’s surrogacy program, Lily, born in 1990 and Chase born in 1994. The Center has been a part of her family for many years. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to help other families experience the wonderful gift of surrogacy.
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Steven H. Snyder, Esq.

Steven Snyder is the founding and principal partner of Steven H. Snyder & Associates, Attorneys At Law and the International Assisted Reproduction Center (IARC) in Minnesota. Mr. Snyder attended law school at the University of Minnesota, graduating cum laude in 1982.
Mr. Snyder successfully litigated the first and only contested Minnesota surrogacy case to date in 2006 in which he won sole custody of the child for a single gay father.
He is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA), Chair of the Reproductive & Genetic Technology Committee of the Family Law Section of the ABA, ABA liaison to the National Coalition for the oversight of Assisted Reproductive Technology, Chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association Family Law Section, and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.
Mr. Snyder also serves on the national legal advisory committee of RESOLVE: The National Fertility Association, is chair of the legal advisory group for the American Fertility Association (for education, support, and advocacy on behalf of infertile persons), and is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (national organization of fertility physicians).
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Ricardo Lucas, Ph.D.

Ricardo Lucas was born in Seville, Spain, and has a degree and PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Seville. He spent two years in Paris, France, working at the University of Paris XI. He then moved to the UK to work at the University of Oxford, where he was involved in a European multidisciplinary research project. In 2006, he married his husband Ivan Vallejo, and in 2009 their son Rodrigo was born in Chicago via Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation, with the help of Family Source Consultants. Ricardo is well versed in surrogacy and in the last five years has been involved in surrogacy from different points of view. He loves learning about third party reproduction and legal issues surrounding surrogacy. As Family Source Consultants’ International Coordinator, Ricardo is honored to assist Intended Parents from Spain and other countries with building their families, and share his personal experience with them. Ricardo is also very committed to working with the LGTB community, and advocating for LGTB rights.
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Doron Mamat.

Doron Mamat is the founder of Tammuz International Surrogacy. After having his own children from surrogacy a few years ago in the United States, he realized that there are many individuals and couples that could not afford to have a child through a surrogate mother in the United States. Also, he realized that surrogacy process is a medically, legally and emotionally complicated process and that it demands critical and timely decisions made in fragmented aspects such doctors, lawyers, labs and local authorities. Doron strongly felt the need for an agency to guide people who wish to pursue surrogacy and to appropriately match the passion for this emotionally taxing project. He therefore quit his position as a highly successful senior project manager at a global high-tech company in order to work with those who wish to get a child through surrogacy but who still require the correct guidance to make their beautiful dream come true.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

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13:30-14:20 Growing Generations present: Meet and Greet with Dr. Kim Bergman
Dr. Kim Bergman, a psychologist specialized in the field of third party reproduction and co-owner of Growing Generations will be holding a private session for prospective parents to meet her and learn more about the surrogacy and egg donation services available through Growing Generations. She’ll also be discussing how to create your child’s birth story for those interested in how to speak to their children as they grow up.
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14:30-15:20 Tammuz presents: Surrogacy in India
The Fragmented and Complex Structure of Indian Surrogacy and the value added by Tammuz International Surrogacy by its various plans.
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15:30-16:20 IARC presents: Everything You Need to Know about International Surrogacy
This hour will discuss the many aspects of an international surrogacy / egg donation program. What are the benefits / disadvantages of going to a particular country? How do you choose a clinic and an agency to assist you? What are the legal and practical procedures and risks? In the U.S., what states should you avoid, and why? How do you make certain that, when you return home, you will become your child’s legal parent for all purposes? Find all your answers here!
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16:30-17:20 New England Fertility presents: Building Families through Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation
Dr. Gad Lavy of New England Fertility who was recently featured in the award winning film “Google Baby“ will speak about the medical and legal aspects of treatment in the United States for egg donation and gestational surrogacy. An interactive presentation will detail the journey. Complimentary consultations (including financials) will be available. To reserve a consultation time please email Marion at Wine and cheese reception prior to the presentation. Each registrant will receive a surrogacy resource kit.

Monday, April 30, 2012

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11:30-12:30 CT Fertility presents: A New Look at Ethical and Financial Choices in Surrogacy (presentation and open discussion)
CT Fertility's Medical Director, Dr. Doyle, will address three major areas of concern for most surrogacy parents: costs, safety and ethics. He will discuss how to protect, inform and maximize the longterm well-being of all the parties including egg donors, surrogates, and future children. Strategies will be presented to make USA surrogacy affordable without compromising on safety, high success rates, and high ethical standards. Also presenting will be Jamie Speer, the clinic's geneticist and program director. Participation and input from additional IVF and surrogacy experts is welcome.
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13:30-14:20 IVF NJ presents: Third Party Reproduction - It Takes A Village
A comprehensive discussion on growing your family through egg donation and gestational surrogacy. All aspects of third party reproduction will be covered including in vitro fertilization (IVF), pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and family balancing. The length of time and costs involved will be addressed, followed by Q&A. You may schedule a consultation with Dr. Jurema at our exhibit table or at: (click contact us, and note that you would like a consultation at the Men Having Babies event).
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14:30-15:20: Circle Surrogacy presents: Known Egg Donation vs. Anonymous Egg Donation
Who am I? Where did I come from? Where is my mother or father? What are they like? Answers are always better than questions. Attorney John Weltman, president and founder of Circle Surrogacy, will address the issues and implications of known, anonymous and semi-anonymous egg donation. Additionally, he will discuss the roles that attorneys and IVF physicians play in this decision-making process. Regardless of your choice, openness and honesty is always in the best interest of your child.
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15:30-16:20: CSP presents: Demystifying the Surrogacy Journey
Sherrie Smith, Program Administrator for the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. (CSP) will provide an overview of CSP’s surrogacy program. Based on 31 years of experience this overview will demystify the uncertainty of the surrogacy journey including how to choose an agency, the steps in the process, who our surrogates are and the screening process, what to expect from your relationship with your surrogate, understanding medical insurance issues, and obtaining birth certificates and passports.
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16:30-17:20: Family Source Consultants present: International Surrogacy: Relationship, Involvement and Support
Ricardo Lucas Rodriguez, Ph.D., International Coordinator for Family Source Consultants and Father via Surrogacy and Egg Donation, will discuss the relationship aspect of working with a Surrogate and an agency afar. In addition, he will address how to manage involvement in the process internationally. Finally, Dr. Rodriguez will provide a general overview of journey expectations, including financials, importance of agency support, and obtaining the birth certificate and citizenship in the Intended Parents home country.