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MHB is collaborating with researchers worldwide to encourage and support research to contribute to our understanding of surrogacy and gay parenting. In addition, the effective dissemination of research findings is of vital importance. Below you will find a library of exiting academic studies and reviews. They have been assembled for the most part by the International Surrogacy Research Group led by Dr. Nicola Carone of the University of Pavia, Italy. Also assisting in the effort are Dr. Henny Bos (University of Amsterdam), Dr. Ellen Lorenceau (University Paris Diderot, CRPMS), Dr. Luis Moya-Albiol (Universitat de València), Dr. Loes van Rijn - van Gelderen (University of Amsterdam), and Dr. Mary Riddle (The Pennsylvania State University).

Please feel free to send us suggestions for additional studies to include in the library.

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Motivations, decision making, and MMPI-2 scores of surrogates willing to help gay men become parents

Analyses of the interview data revealed a wide range of motivations and decision-making processes (see Table 1).  Motivations that were most frequently expressed were: “Want to give or help others” (56%); “Like being pregnant” (43%); and “Empathy regarding others’ infertility” (38%).   Decision-making processes most frequently described were: “Thought about being a surrogate for a while” (58%), “Own family is complete” (57%) Perceived ability and confidence” (27%), and “Researched Surrogacy before” (27%).  Surrogates scored in the more prosocial/ adaptive direction on five of the six MMPI-2 scales (see Table 2).  Especially strong findings were that surrogates scored higher than the control group women on ego strength and social responsibility, and lower on negative emotionality/neuroticism. 

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