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Men Having Babies Frequently Asked Questions


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FAQs about COVID-19 and surrogacy in the USA and Canada

MHB is offering answers to common questions regarding the way the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting surrogacy, IVF and egg donation. We are constantly monitoring sources and receiving input from members and professionals, and making edits in real time. Note, however, that the situation is very fluid, differences exist between various regions and circumstances, and verifying new information is often challenging. We therefore highly recommend seeking the advice of professionals before you take any action based on this information alone.

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FAQs about the New York Surrogacy Reform - The Child Parent Security Act (CPSA)

MHB is offering answers to common questions regarding the comprehensive surrogacy reform passed by NY, and how it may impact your parenting journey. With that, the state was removed from the shrinking list of the few states that still prohibited compensated surrogacy in the USA, and leapfrogged to have the most thoughtful surrogacy legislation ever drafted, with extensive protections to parents, babies, surrogates and donors, legal clarity and streamlines process for parentage rights, and attention to long term physical and mental health outcomes.

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FAQs about the MHB's Gay Parenting Assitance Program (GPAP)

Men Having Babies created The Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) as part of our mission to make building a family more affordable for gay prospective parents that need financial assistance for their surrogacy journey. GPAP annually facilitates over a million dollars worth of financial support for gay prospective parents. Read answers to commonly asked questions about the program.