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Relaxed UK guidelines towards “commercial” surrogacy leads to calls for a new look at what makes surrogacy “ethical”

Natalie Gamble, one of the UK's leading fertility lawyers, has written a piece for leading bioethics publication Bionews about surrogacy outside the UK, including the USA. She explains how COVID-19 has thrown a spotlight on intended parents crossing borders for surrogacy in 2020. Gamble challenges “the policy myth that UK surrogacy is preferable”, and calls for “a shift from categorising surrogacy as altruistic or commercial, domestic or international, and instead ask how to ensure it is ethical.” Gamble then provides examples of robust ethical standards that exist in certain US states where compensation is allowed and regulated.

Intended Parent Spotlight -COVID-19 Delays Jeramie and Andrew's Surrogacy Journey

This Intended Parent Spotlight features Jeramie and Andrew, recipients of the Stage II GPAP program, to give a glimpse into who they are and what Stage II means to them. This California couple had their journey put on hold by the coronavirus. Now their surrogacy agency has given them the green light and they hope to become a family of three in 2021!

If you are getting started on your surrogacy journey and want to apply for GPAP support you can do that here. Or, if you’d like to support recipients in the GPAP program see below for a link to donate for this specific couple or the general grant fund.

Overcoming COVID-19 Surrogacy Travel Challenges

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of prospective surrogacy parents are unable to enter the US and take care of their genetic newborn children.  And subsequently, hundreds more are prevented from  returning to their home countries after the babies are born due to disruption caused by limited access to necessary official documents. Read below about how these parents can best cope with these challenges, and what Men Having Babies and other advocates are attempting to do in order to solve or at least ease these problems.