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Rating and reviews posted for surrogacy agencies and clinics!

agency ratings table March 27
After receiving more than 120 surveys in the first 10 days, we already posted ratings and reviews on the surrogacy agencies and clinics that received most responses. The tables list overall score and highlights of results, and link to full reports (updated in real time) with much more, including comments and personal reviews. The four agencies that received a substantial number of reviews (8-17 each) are: Fertility Miracles, Circle Surrogacy, Tammuz and Family Source Consultants. Fertility Miracles have the top ratings (9.9 with 11 reviews), Tammuz so far has the lowest average journey cost (around $80,000). CT Fertility leads among clinics with 19 reviews and a score of 9.42. Read More...

Surveys launched to gather reviews and feedback about surrogacy service providers, and for program improvements

We have exciting news! After more than 7 years of sharing our experiences in meeting, we decided to start the first ever systematic feedback gathering on surrogacy service providers and the needs of surrogacy prospective parents, in order to help future parents make more informed decisions.Now after months of work and with input from volunteers and professionals, we are launching two surveys to start collecting this feedback from the network's members. One survey is for parents, the other is for prospective parents. And after receiving more than 100 surveys in the first week, we already started posting initial results about agencies and clinics in our directory. Read More...