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Men Having Babies’ Membership Benefits Program (MBP)

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MHB future and current parents can now become formal members of the organization by making a qualifying annual donation, and in turn benefit from significant discounts from a growing list of surrogacy providers and a wide range of exclusive peer guidance resources and offerings - including our unique Peer Advice Parent Network!

NOTE: As of July 1st, 2020, being a Supporting Member of MHB in good standing allows you to apply to our Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) with no additional fees. Even if you do not qualify for financial assistance, the MBP promotional offers will still make your parenting journey more affordable and informative.

Here is a summary of how the MBP works:


  • Future and current parents that support MHB with an annual donation of at least $150 per couple / single will be considered members in good standing - but of course you're encouraged to make a higher donation if you can afford it!
  • While this is a bit similar to our GPAP Stage I program, the benefits are typically lower and no financial qualification or background check are involved.

Promotional offers:

    More than a hundred surrogacy agencies, IVF clinics, law firms and complementary service providers have already pledged discounts that typically range $500 - $1500 each!
  • The promotional offers are detailed in new enhanced provider profiles we created (we are adding new ones every day - look for a checkmark in the MBP column!) You can also link directly to the offers from the MBP column at the rating & reviews tables, and the general provider directory.
  • Many of the promotions are for prospective parents, and some are also for parents (for instance a discount off embryo storage).
Check out our 100+ MBP providers

  • ART Risk_230x80
  • California Fertility Partners_230x80
  • IARC_230x80
  • Creative Family Connections_230x80
  • Simple Surrogacy_230x80
  • Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists_230x80
  • vios_230x80
  • San Diego Fertility Center-SDFC_230x80
  • Fertility Specialists of Texas_230x80
  • Misler Law_230x80
  • Her Helping Habit_230x80
  • Reproductive Centers of America_230x80
  • Surro Connections_230x80
  • IVF Ohio_230x80
  • Tree of Life Center_230x80
  • RMACT_230x80
  • ARTparenting_230x80
  • International Fertility Law_230x80
  • Brownstone Surrogacy_230x80
  • Vermont Surrogacy Network_230x80
  • Northeastern Reproductive Medicine_230x80
  • Melissa B Brisman Esq_230x80
  • Creative Conception_230x80
  • Counseling with Joey_230x80
  • shining light_230x80
  • tsong law_230x80
  • L.A. Surrogacy & L.A. Egg Donors_230x80
  • Braun_230x80
  • All Families Surrogacy_230x80
  • Donate or Surrogate_230x80
  • Extraordinary Conceptions_230x80
  • ryan ferrante_230x80
  • Donor Egg Bank_230x80
  • Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy_230x80
  • NY Surrogacy Center_230x80
  • Doulas of Capitol Hill_230x80
  • Meyers OHara_230x80
  • Family Match Consulting_230x80
  • Karyn Rosenberg_230x80
  • Canadian Surrogacy Options_230x80
  • American Fertility_230x80
  • Fairfax Egg Bank_230x80
  • New Hope Fertility_230x80
  • Gift of Life_230x80
  • Gaydos Duffer_230x80
  • Family Choice_230x80
  • Family Source Consultants_230x80
  • Oleaga Law_230x80
  • los angeles reproductive center_230x80
  • New England Fertility Institute_230x80
  • surroPlans_230x80
  • Gifted Journeys_230x80
  • JSRC_230x80
  • Alcea_230x80
  • Ross & Zuckerman_230x80
  • The Fertility Agency_230x80

Exclusive offerings:

  • Discounted registration fees for all MHB conferences and seminars.
  • Priority email response from MHB staff via
  • Members-only events:
    • Members orientation: how to maximize the value of your membership and make the best use of the resources MHB has to offer.
    • Budgeting workshops: small classes led by MHB experts, taking you step by step through budget planning.
    • Professionally moderated support groups for in-process IPs: preparing for birth, healthy relationship with your surrogate, dealing with journey setbacks
    • Community events: while most of our webinars are free to all, we also offer special events such as our Pride GPAP Celebration, personal stories panels, etc.

Members-only guidance resources:

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Peer Advice
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Guidance Videos

And of course: the best benefit of joining as a supporting member is to help MHB to make gay parenthood a wider reality!

Become a member now!