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Men Having Babies' Annual Conferences and Seminars


MHB's in-person conferences are unparalleled in the surrogacy and gay parenting field. Thousands of intended parents have kickstarted their parenting journey at our events every year since 2012. While we also offer some virtual programs and online resources, the in-person events provide critical preparation for the surrogacy journey in a unique and effective "Boot Camp" model that offers:
  • Immersive, comprehensive, curated, distraction free educational experience
  • Inspiration, encouragement & empowerment from peers
  • Introduction to a manageable set of selected group of providers
  • Opportunities to get direct answers from experts in real time
Below you will find details information about how you can join these events as a sponsor, and forms to sign up and secure your choice of exhibiting opportunities. Note that the options for a given year typically become available early August of the previous year, and most slots are taken by October. By November MHB selects the expert speakers for the entire following year (with priority given to sponsors), and registration commences for attendees.

October 2018

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Remaining 2020 events
MHB is adapting to the changing public health guidelines while continuing to support gay Intended Parents around the world. Therefore, the timing and format of our events have been adjusted as needed - see below. We have limited opportunities for sponsors at our fall events, including Taipei, Brussels and Tel Aviv. See below for eligibility requirements, outreach benefits. The Tel Aviv sponsorship form is below, and to sign up for remaining 2020 conference, please go directly to this page.

With regards to Taipei and Brussels, note that MHB has been consulting with our partners and venue abroad and arrangement have been made to offer the best possible conditions for a safe yet immersive conference experience in accordance with effective public health guidelines. While most of the presentations will still be done in person, the American speakers will have the option to participate remotely via high-quality video link, and some adjustments were made to the schedule to accommodate the time zone differences.
Parenting Options for Asian Gay Men
• Taipei, October 2-3, 2020
- The W Taipei 

Parenting Options for European Gay Men
• Brussels,
November 7-8, 2020 (note the new date!)
- Virtual Conference & Expo 
MHB Israel
• Tel Aviv, December 2-3, 2020
- Virtual Conference & Expo

MHB New York
• New York, February 6-7, 2021 (note the new date!)
- TKP New York

2021 events
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MHB Florida
• Fort Lauderdale, January 16, 2021
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MHB Texas
• Dallas, March 13, 2021
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MHB West Coast
• San Francisco, April 17-18, 2021
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MHB Midwest
• Chicago, May 15, 2021
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Parenting Options for European Gay Men
• Brussels, June 5-6, 2021
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Parenting Options for Asian Gay Men
• Taipei, September 18-19, 2021
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MHB Northwest
• Portland, October 10, 2021
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MHB New York
• New York, November 13-14, 2021
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MHB Israel
• Tel Aviv, December 10, 2020
In 2021 MHB is offering a total of eight in-person conferences in two formats and including two new locations: Dallas and Portland! Most of the events will take place in the 2nd - 4th quarters of the year, and we have backup plans in the event public health concerns will remain an issue.

While all eight events will offer the immersive, comprehensive and inspirational qualities of our well-liked conference model, the two formats will vary in scope, focus and fees:
Full format / two days
  • West Coast / San Francisco, Europe / Brussels, Asia / Taipei, New York / NYC
  • Includes breakout sessions
  • Open to all sponsors
  • Typically 200+ (often 300+) attendees
  • Hosted at hotels / conference centers
Regional / single day
  • Midwest / Chicago, Florida / Fort Lauderdale, Texas / Dallas, and Northwest /Portland
  • Showcasing regional providers and access to options that minimize travel
  • Open to regional sponsors* and Advisory Circle organizations only
  • Typically 100+ attendees
  • Hosted at LGBT centers or similar venues
* Clinics or agencies that have permanent presence in region, or conduct significant surrogate recruitment there. Nationwide complementary service providers also welcome.

Sponsorship options: rates and outreach benefits

Exhibiting sponsorship levels range from Platinum (limited to one agency and one clinic) to Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Non-exhibiting options are typically available for Silver and Bronze as well (for sponsors who do not require an exhibit table or wish to sponsor without attending). Sponsorship fees and benefits for 2021's two-day comprehensive conferences are exactly the same as the previous year, and the fees for the one-day regional conferences are 30%-50% lower. Sponsorship fees and benefits can be viewed in the sponsorship options documents, below. These levels are especially suitable for clinics, surrogacy and/or egg donation agencies, and law firms.

Providers of complementary / third party services (escrow management, pharmacies, insurance providers, cord blood preservation, etc.) are also invited to participate and/or sponsor. We offer a range of promotional and underwriting options, some reserved exclusively for 3rd party service providers (see page 2 of the above documents). To take advantage of these options, a provider needs to sign up for at-least a “Non-exhibiting Bronze” sponsorship. 


MHB’s Provider Directory only includes service providers that are either conference sponsors (current or next year) or those who participate in GPAP. 2021 sponsors will remain on the directory until December 31, 2021, unless they sign up for a 2022 conference or renew their GPAP pledge. 

Providers that meet at least one of the following conditions are eligible to be included at MHB's Rating Tables (assuming they have enough reviews): 

  • Exhibit in at least one of our conferences at the Bronze level or above AND offer pro bono services as part of GPAP. 
  • Exhibit in at least one of our conferences at the Gold level or above. 
  • Exhibit in at least two of our conferences at Bronze or above. 

Anyone signing up for 2021 conferences will be immediately eligible to be added to the tables. 2021 sponsors will remain on the rating tables until December 31, 2021, unless they sign up for 2022 as well.

Discounts for GPAP participation and multiple conference sponsorship

You may qualify for up to a 30% GPAP discount off sponsorship fees for offering pro bono services by participating in our Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP). We invite you to join or renew your participation in GPAP for 2021. Note that you must renew your pledge for 2021 before you can claim these discounts. 

You will be eligible for 5% frequency discount off conference sponsorship fees (beyond applicable GPAP related discounts) when you simultaneously sign-up for:

  • 3 or more Gold / Platinum conferences - OR -
  • 2 Gold / Platinum + 2 Silver - OR -
  • 1 Gold / Platinum + 4 Silver

Sponsorship forms

Given the various fee structures of our conferences, we have several forms for sponsorship (see below).

  • Use the 2021 Conference Sponsorship form to sign-up for our major and regional conferences.
  • Use the Israel 2020 Conference Sponsorship form to sign-up for our December 3-4 virtual conference and expo.

Please Note:

  • Regardless of the conference(s) you choose to sponsor now, you may return to this form at any time to sign up to become a sponsor for any additional conference(s). 
  • Your registration date will determine your placement within each sponsorship level.
  • To reserve your priority spot you will be prompted to use a credit card to pay 10% of the sponsorship amount, with the balance payable by check or wire transfer no later than 90 days prior to each event.
  • Please review the full terms and conditions of our Event Exhibiting and Sponsorship Agreement.
  • All Surrogacy Agencies (or representatives of surrogacy agencies) and Clinics that wish to participate at our conferences and in GPAP are required to state explicitly that they offer surrogacy services adhering to the MHB’s Baseline Protocols, as spelled out in our Ethical Framework.

2021 Conferences

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2020 Israel Virtual Conference and Expo

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