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Welcome to the MHB Family Zone!


MHB annually helps thousands of prospective parents with advice, financial support and advocacy. Naturally, many of these men became parents and are seeking ways to stay involved, connect with each other, and benefit from programs suited to their life circumstances. The MHB Family Zone is where you can find such programs and resources.

The Parent / Peer Advice Network

The Parent / Peer Advice Network was created to allow Gay Surrogacy families to connect with other parents in your region, or with similar characteristics, for advice or social purposes, as well as to offer advice to prospective parents. Families that become part of the Network receive free Family Membership that provides access to the password protected profiles, and access to family-focused programming (see below).

How can you join this network? If you haven't yet, please submit a Parent Questionnaire and make sure to include at least one photo, and check the box "Speak / provide advice to prospective parents" in the question about sharing your surrogacy experience. If you already submitted a survey, please email us at (we may be missing some details or a photo).

Family Programs

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May 14, 2021 - West Coast Advocacy & Research Forum - Surrogates: Stigma and Stereotypes

The MHB Advocacy and Research Forums (ARFs) are an opportunity to look at the social, ethical, legal, and empirical aspects of surrogacy and LGBT parenting. The May 14th program, on the eve of our 2021 MHB West conference, will address the proposition that gestational carriers in the USA and Canada are often misrepresented by the media, pop culture, and political discourse. It can be argued that they are affected by myths and misconceptions even more than the prospective parents or the children they help bring to this world. The Forum will facilitate a discussion about what we know from experience and research on the actual motivations and life circumstances of surrogates, and how they feel about the way they are portrayed. The virtual forum and the welcome reception hosted in cooperation with EMD Serono.

  • May 14, 2021 4:00-5:30pm PDT / 7:00-8:30pm EDT


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MHB offers valuable online resources that are especially suited to gay men that are already parents. Among those are the MHB Research Library, that has the ultimate collection of up-to-date research about our families, and our Book Guide - with books for both children and parents. In addition, you can find valuable videos (such as of our teen panels) at our video library, and a wealth of articles, blogs and news throughout the site.

MHB's Partnering LGBTQ Family and Media Organizations

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