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October 17, 2020 Virtual Seminar: Medical Aspects of surrogacy in Canada

Our seminar series on Surrogacy in Canada, in a virtual format to reach Intended Parents across Canada and the world! An expert panel will go over the medical screening of future fathers, egg donors and surrogates, the creation of optimal embryos, and the IVF process for a Surrogacy Journey in Canada. We will discuss eligibility for IVF treatment financed by the province of Ontario. Finally, we will offer updated information on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting surrogacy in Canada.
(Note the date change - this event was originally planned for July 11, 2020)


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Past Virtual Events

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July 1&2, 2020, MHB Webinar: Egg donation: medical, social, financial and legal considerations

Join us to discuss in depth all you need to know about egg donation! Hear from medical experts, parents, and even experienced egg donors who will offer insights into their own motivations, experiences, and suggestions for dads-to-be. The webinar is also suitable for current and prospective egg donors, and we will hear from a representative of We Are Egg Donors (WAED). 

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June 12, 2020, Meet the Provider: ART Risk Financial and Insurance Solutions

The inherent financial uncertainties in surrogacy journeys can be greatly mitigated with specialized insurance solutions. Join us to hear from the industry's leader ART Risk about ways they can help you better understand and avoid financial risks on the road to parenthood. The company works with most of the leading surrogacy providers in the field, it is a member of MHB's Advisory Circle, and provides services to all of our GPAP Stage II recipients. This one-hour interactive session is part of MHB's new "Meet the Provider" webinar series, and is somewhat similar to the breakout sessions we offer at our conferences. Starting in June, Meet the Provider sessions are offered on the second and fourth Friday of each month.

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May 13&14, 2020, MHB Webinar: Optional practices for IVF success

In the course of IVF and egg donation treatment there are protocols most reputable clinics implement to maximize the prospects of success on the first try. But there are some medical strategies about which the jury is still out.  We will hear the pros and cons for several such options, including embryo testing (such as CCS) and the desirability of dual embryo transfers as a strategy for increasing pregnancy chances.

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