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Sponsorship options

We are pleased to offer sponsorship options for our MHBVirtual Webinar series. The Webinar topics and dates will vary, but many will be presented twice - once in the evening and once the following midday. If presented twice, the Webinar sponsorship includes both presentations.

MHB Webinar Sponsorship is limited exclusively to providers who support both the
Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) and our Membership Benefits Program (MBP). If you do not participating in these programs, please visit the links to sign up.
There are two levels of sponsorship.

Featured Sponsor: $600
Outreach benefits:
  • 3-minute introduction presentation (may include slides)
  • Your introductory speaker's bio on the event page
  • An electronic handout to participants
  • Your profile & logo featured on our event page
  • Your logo will also be included in an e-blast to our community to promote the event.
  • This level of sponsorship also makes you eligible for inclusion in our MHB Provider Directory.

Basic Sponsor: $250
Outreach benefits:
  • 80-word slide introduction
  • Your logo on our event page

Webinar schedule

June 3&4, 2020, MHB Webinar: When to call a lawyer? Safe, cost-effective surrogacy representation & contracts, then and now

June 17&18, 2020, MHB Webinar: Is it too late? Considering surrogacy parenting at an older age

July 1&2, 2020, MHB Webinar: Egg donation: medical, social, financial and legal considerations

July 11, 2020 Virtual Seminar: Medical Aspects of surrogacy in Canada

August 5&6, 2020, MHB Webinar: Advice for prospective single fathers

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