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Surrogacy provider directory and GPAP discount table

Here is a comprehensive listing of surrogacy related service providers, starting at the top with the ones who offer discounts and / or provide free services through the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP). Note that you may need to browse to subsequent pages to find some providers, or you can use the search feature. You may click on the provider's name to go to an enhanced listing, including ratings and reviews (for those that received at least 3 reviews in our feedback surveys).
Note that inclusion in this directory does not imply an endorsement of any kind. The providers submitted the profile information themselves (through the directory registration form), and when possible we included a video from a breakout session they offered at one of our conferences.
Full profileStatewwwVideoIVF
All Families Surrogacy, LLCOR10%30Yes
Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR)IL15%4Yes
American Fertility ServiceCTYes
Anova Fertility & Reproductive HealthOntario10%5Yes
Boston IVFMA10%UnlimitedYes
Building Families Inc.CA10%4Yes
California Fertility PartnersCA20%20Yes
Canadian Fertility ConsultantsOntario10%UnlimitedYes
Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc._Ontario10%UnlimitedYes
Circle SurrogacyMA30%4*Yes
CReATe Fertility CentreOntario20%5Yes
Creative Family ConnectionsMD20%10Yes
Entrust LegalCA50%UnlimitedYes
Essig & Evans LLP OH15%1Yes
Extraordinary ConceptionsCA15%UnlimitedYes
Family Source Consultants, LLCIL, FL, CA, TX10%UnlimitedYes
Fertility Center of Las Vegas, TheNV$4,500 10Yes
Fertility Law Canada at D2Law LLPOntario15%UnlimitedYes
Fertility SOURCE CompaniesCA20%3Yes
Fertility Specialists of TexasTX$3,500 - $4,500UnlimitedYes
Genesis GroupCA15%5Yes
Gifted Journeys, LLC CA25%UnlimitedYes
Greenspoon Marder LLPFL50%2Yes
Heart to Hands SurrogacyORYes
Heartland SurrogacyIA15%2Yes
Hope Springs Fertility LawOntario10%5Yes
HRC RanchoCA20%4Yes
International Surrogacy Center, Inc. CA10%-15%10Yes
InVia Fertility SpecialistsIL20%4Yes
Iris Sheinfeld Family Law & NotaryIsraelYes
IVF FloridaFL15%10Yes
Law Office of Amira HasenbushCA25%6Yes
Law Office of Lauren Gaydos Duffer, P.C.TXYes
Law office of Victoria GelfandIsrael25%20Yes
Law Offices of Molly O'BrienCAYes
Law Offices of Robert M. TzallNV15%UnlimitedYes
Little Miracles Inc.Ontario10%UnlimitedYes
Los Angeles Reproductive CenterCA$2,500-$3,500UnlimitedYes
Main Line FertilityPA25%5Yes
Meili ConceptionsCA5%UnlimitedYes
Moe Hannah LLPAlberta25%2Yes
OC Child & Family Formation Law Group, LLPCA25%5Yes
Oregon Reproductive MedicineORYes
Our Fairy Godmother & Stork Surrogacy InternationalFL25-35%UnlimitedYes
Pearl SurrogacyNJ25%4Yes
Reproductive Law CenterCA25%4Yes
Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT (RMACT)CT10%4Yes
Same Love SurrogacyCA15%4Yes
San Diego Fertility CenterCA15%10Yes
Shorebreak Family & Fertility LawCA30%10Yes
Simple SurrogacyTX$3,000 UnlimitedYes
Southern California Reproductive CenterCA10%3Yes
Stephanie A. Sgambati, P.C.NJ25%4Yes
Tarnoff Law OfficesCA50%15Yes
Tiny Sprouts SurrogacyCA25%20Yes
Trachman Law Center, LLCCO25%UnlimitedYes
Vios Fertility InstituteIL15%UnlimitedYes
Vorzimer MassermanCA20%1Yes
Wald Law Group, P.C.CA17%1Yes
West Coast Egg Donation, Inc.CA20%2Yes
Western Fertility Institute CA25%UnlimitedYes
Wolfsong Law PCOR20%3Yes
Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists LLCCT20%5Yes
A Jewish Blessing, LLCFL and CA10%2-
Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc.CA25%24-
Colorado Surrogacy, LLCCO25%Unlimited-
Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy AgencyFL10%Unlimited-
Family Choice SurrogacyIN15%4-
Golden SurrogacyIL10%5-
Hope SurrogacyWI20%5-
Modern Family LawMA25%Unlimited-
Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLCCA20%5-
Open Arms Surrogacy & Egg Donation FL10%Unlimited-
Ross & Zuckerman LLPIL20%2-
Surrogacy Center, TheMN12%4-
The Chosen One Egg DonationNY90000%Unlimited-
Tsong Law Group, A Professional CorporationCA40%6-
Vermont Surrogacy Network, LLCVT10%5-
Andrea Bryman LMFTCA
aParent IVF LaboratoryIL
ART Risk Financial & Insurance SolutionsCA
Boyneclarke LLPNova Scotia
Chicago IVFIL
Colorado Center for Reproductive MedicineCO
Cryos International - USAFL
Donor ConciergeCA
Egg HelpersOntario
Family FormersFL
Fertility & Surgical Associates of CaliforniaCA
Fertility Centers of IllinoisIL
Fort Worth FertilityTX
Growing GenerationsCA
Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC Fertility)CA
Lane Fertility InstituteCA
Law Office of Elizabeth F. SchwartzFL
NewLife Fertility CentreOntario
Pacific Fertility Center-San FranciscoCA
Palm Beach FertilityFL
PrimaVita SurrogacyTX
Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA)GA
RMA of TexasTX
Robin Elizabeth Pope, Family Formation LawyerOR
Sacred SurrogacyOntario
Spring FertilityCA
West Coast Surrogacy, Inc.CA
* 2018 discount units exhausted. You may ask the provider regarding timing for 2019 discounts.