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We provide here a range of articles addressing major medical, legal, financial and mental health aspects of the surrogacy process. The articles are written primarily by members of the MHB Advisory Board. The Advisory Board was established in 2016, and includes leading professionals from the surrogacy field. It is a unique forum for discussing legal, medical, financial, and social issues that are relevant to surrogacy and gay parenting among knowledgable and caring professionals, parents and surrogates. This advisory board meets bi-monthly at our conferences and it is an ongoing source of significant improvements to our programs.

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What does a PBO (pre-birth / post-birth order) ensure and why is it necessary?

A pre-birth or post-birth order is crucial in gestational surrogacy. It establishes the Intended Parents (IPs) as the legal parents of the baby, ensures that their names are on the baby’s birth certificate, and that the rights and obligations to the baby of the gestational surrogate are terminated. While the most important aspect of a surrogacy journey is the health of the fetus and the surrogate, the next most important issue is the legal process to obtain the PBO.

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Covid-19 and Surrogacy: Latest Medical Update

What steps do fertility centers currently take to safeguard staff and patients, including egg donors and surrogates? What do we know about the risks of COVID-19 infection to pregnant women and fetuses? What should we be monitoring as the pandemic unfolds? The goals of this article is to offer guidance and support to intended surrogacy parents based on existing scientific knowledge. 

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What are the requirements to become a surrogate?

There are legal, medical, financial and social considerations involved in finding the right woman to be your surrogate. But finding that special superhero woman to help you have your dream family can be a roller coaster in and of itself. Reputable surrogacy agencies have protocols and guidelines they follow to be able to do just this. Is there really anything more exciting than finally finding the right woman to be your surrogate? Well, yes, actually there is! Holding your baby or babies (in the case of a twin surrogate pregnancy) for the first time at the hospital with your family and your surrogate and her family is truly such a beautiful, miraculous moment. 

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Why are Two Attorneys Necessary for Legal Matters in Surrogacy?

It is important for people in surrogacy arrangements, whether they are intended parents (IPs) or surrogates, to have their own independent legal counsel. This practice is widely accepted in the Unites State, it is advocated by prominent surrogacy and community organizations such as ASRM and MHB, and even mandated by law in some places. What is the reasoning behind this requirement?

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Financing – How to prepare for unexpected financial challenges

There are many factors to consider when assessing your financial health before a surrogacy journey. As expenses can easily arise during the process that you are not expecting, being prepared with alternate plans and sources of funds can prevent your journey from derailing. It is recommended that you take an active role in identifying areas of possible cost overruns, and have additional 10%-15% available financing available.

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