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Welcome to our community! The MHB Member Zone is where you can find exclusive programs and resources that will surely make your parenting journey more informative, smooth and affordable.

If you are not yet a Supporting Member of our community, please consider joining today. MHB is not a service provider. We are a nonprofit community organization where future and current gay fathers, surrogates and allies join together to make gay parenthood a wider reality!

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Our Membership Benefits Program can make becoming (and being) a parent more affordable! All you need is a valid membership number when you contact providers through our Referral Page.
  • Dozens of surrogacy agencies, IVF clinics, law firms and complementary service providers offer discounts that typically range $500 - $1500 each!
  • Many of the promotions are for prospective parents, and some are also for parents (for instance a discount off embryo storage).
  • The promotional offers are detailed in enhanced provider profiles we created - look for a checkmark in the MBP column! (and we're constantly adding new providers). You can also link directly to the offers from the MBP column at the rating & reviews tables, and the general provider directory.
Providers offering discounts to Men Having Babies Members