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Registration is open for our 2015 Brussels conference, May 2-3, 2015!
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Unbiased surrogacy parenting advice and support for gay men worldwide!

surrogacy workshops for gay men

Our workshops and seminar have already provided hundreds of men worldwide with invaluable advice on the legal, medical, financial, social and moral aspects of surrogacy and egg donation. Our recent conferences included the 10th annual NYC expo with an expanded day-long format, 30+ sponsors and 24 breakout sessions. 2015 conferences will also include SF, Tel Aviv, Brussels, and Chicago.


surrogacy seminars for gay men

Our exclusive directory has detailed reviews and ratings of dozens of surrogacy agencies and clinics worldwide can help you identify affordable & effective providers. Thanks to hundreds of parents who responded to our Parenting Survey (available in 4 languages!) , it includes satisfaction levels, effectiveness measures, and real cost figures.


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Gay men as a category face significant obstacles in their quest for parenting, not the least of which is financial. Our Gay Parenting Assistance Program provides grants to gay men who require assistance in their quest for parenthood, and matches them with free or discounted services offered by our partners.
online surrogacy resources for gay men

We strongly believe in the benefits and meaningful relationships surrogacy can bring about. We therefore created the first ever Surrogacy Speakers Bureau, we assist academic studies about gay parenting and surrogacy, and we created the MHB Surrogacy Forum on Facebook for surrogacy dads and their surrogates.
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Information about our mission, board, and how to contact us.
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Our online library
Our online resources include article and video libraries, and a family and baby photo gallery!
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Our surveys
Our surveys collect feedback from parents and prospects to help improve our programs and rate agencies & clinics.
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Find advice and peer support at our private Facebook group.
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